Okay, get ready to love me.

The cool part about the big V-day? If you have an awesome S.O., or if you’re just awesome to yourself, no cooking!! I’ve been blessed with some amazing men in my life-husband, dad, grandfather, brother. I’ve also been cursed with a couple of mind numbingly bad ones (if you ever want to swap notes, pull up a glass of wine and we’ll commiserate-a couple of friends and I have a competition going, and it’s hard to tell which of us is winning). But even the bad ones served their purpose. Not only did they give me an example of what I didn’t want in my life, they taught me how to be happy alone. Like, deliriously happy. That they weren’t there anymore.

So I have learned how to pamper myself. Bath bombs. Wine. Chocolate. Beach vacations. Disney World. I’m shamelessly high maintenance, and I love life. Fortunately for me, my husband is even better at pampering me than I am. If anything ever happens to him, I’ll never even look at another man. Anyone else would disappoint me, because no one could possibly be as good to me as he is.

Nauseating, isn’t it? Go brush your teeth. I’ll wait.

You can imagine Valentines Day is an Event around here. So are anniversaries. Like the one where I had to tell my husband that my deceased ex was coming to live with us. I’m not making that up. Fortunately, my spouse really is great. We’re still married, even after that. Anyway, we always go somewhere that involves reservations, muted lights, and good food. And usually, I end up on the internet at some point during the night because I want a recipe for whatever Holy-Moses-That-Was-Good food my husband has just fed me.

Like this. I LOVE fondue. And bananas. This simple dessert was made for me. Even in my current (reluctantly) gluten free state, this and some extra bananas, marshmallows or cookies (I managed to find gluten free vanilla wafers that taste like the real thing) makes for a dessert that’s better than…well, it’s Valentines Day, so we’ll just say it’s a close runner up.


Bananas Foster Fondue

4 oz white chocolate chips
½ banana, thinly sliced
4 oz caramel ice cream syrup
1 tsp banana liqueur
1 tsp spiced rum

Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, stirring every 30 seconds. Slice bananas and place in warm fondue pot. Pour chocolate over bananas. Add caramel and stir. Add liqueur and rum and stir to mix. Keep fondue warm over low heat.